Quality management

Quality management policy of A&P are to provide attractive products and services for our customers.
We have strived to grow into a pioneer top-ranking company in the PCB business based on the three quality management policies: quality first, constant quality innovation and customer satisfaction first policies.
Quality target

Realization of quality first

Continuous quality improvement with creative spirit

Establishment of customer satisfaction priority system

Material incoming
- incoming inspection / periodical reliability inspection / barcode first-in first-out management
Internal layer circuit
- lot AOI inspection / width of circuit inspection / impedance inspection (= F / Proof)
Lamination (multi-layered substrate)
- reliability assurance / adhesive strength assurance (delamination = F / Proof)
- BIT automated grinding automated lot inspection /
- medicine concentration, chemicals management/width of plating to be 25㎛ or higher
Outer layer circuit
- lot AOI inspection / width of circuit inspection / impedance inspection
PSR (insulation ink)
- automated spray printing / width of printing assurance
Electrical testing
- four sockets (low resistance) lot inspection (security elements)
Appearance inspection
- FAOI inspection (only one in South Korea)
Reliability inspection
- according to lots
MES system
Management of product history
- management of product history tracing barcodes through process record registration
Pillar inspection
- establishment of a quality assurance system through computerization of pillar inspection
Information transmission
- transmission of instructions and notices via monitors and DID screens of each process
Production information monitor
- real-time monitoring of production information via DID screens of managers and executives

품질관리 인증

2018년 IATF16949 인증

2015년 SQ-Mark A등급 (Hyundai-Kia Motors)인증

2005년 ISO14001 인증
2002년 ISO/TS 16949 인증

안전 규격 인증

U.L승인 File No: E82473
Halogen free material U.L 승인

품질검사 규격

IPC-RB-276 Class 3