Environment management

A&P providing eco-friendly printing circuit substrates strives to minimize the negative impacts on the environment as it operates the environment safety system, and for safe and clean working environments and environmental protection, it obeys the rules below to improve the quality of people's lives and to tackle the environmental problems.
Environmental Policies

-Take corporate social responsibilites through constant improvements of environmental safety standards
-Obey the environmental laws and other requirements
-Provide information on the plans of environmental safety for interest groups and share it
-Establish environmental objectives and details and provide education constantly
-Minimize the environmental pollution and establish a safe and clean place of business
-Assure the willpower for environmental management and transparency

nvironmental management activities

1. Reduce the amount of water used and recycle wastewater - manage the water-purifying equipment for usage of underground water.
2. Prevent water pollution - operate the pressurized filter and reclaimer to reduce the pollution level of wastewater.
3. Prevent air pollution - operate a wash tower and adsorption tower
4. Reduce waste - reuse filters of each process and increase recycling rates

Air pollution control

A&P declared the environmental vision of creating a working environment of which the atmospheric clearance level is higher than that of cities. For this, we have promoted activities reducing dust scattering and bad smell through processes of cleaning and adsorbing air contaminants produced in the PDB production process.

Water quality control